Face Coverings/Masks Now Available

We are now offering made to order and ready to ship face coverings. With it now a requirement that one wears them in certain environments and after being asked, I thought it a good idea.

I was sent a fantastic pattern from a friend in the USA and customized it a bit. The result is a design that is a little less bulky than the pleated face coverings, and it does not have the centre seam like most of the shaped ones. It's a comfortable and effective fit made of two layers of woven cotton with a thin layer of non woven interfacing in between. The design also has a sewn in nose clip, which really helps to minimize fogging of glasses (if you wear them, I do) and soft rounded elastic to go over the ears.

I gifted one to someone who had a hospital appointment to try out and their feedback was great! They said it was comfortable, that they didn't need to readjust it at all during the time they wore it and it didn't fog up their glasses one bit, until they had to lay down.

The face covering comes in four different sizes ... XS 3-6 years, S 7-12 years, M teenager & average adult, L large adult. And is available to order in all our different fabrics. Any questions, feel free to drop me a message.

Please note these face coverings are not medical grade.